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I loved writing a series for so many reasons. One of the biggies was because I could continue to develop and write my favorite characters. Let’s face it, over the course of five years and over a thousand pages (yikes!), you get a little attached. But some of the fun is also adding new faces to the mix with each new book. Unbound was no exception. Over the next couple days, I thought I’d give you a taste of some of the new characters in the final book of the Alex Crocker series.

I don’t think any of the passages I picked are major spoilers, but I suppose they might give away a little, so read at your own risk!

1. Liam – Oh, if it weren’t for editing. Liam and Sage actually had a much deeper side-story in my first draft, but as the book began to grow to unruly proportions, it needed to be trimmed. He’s still present and important, but not nearly as much as this backstory lovin’ author would have liked. Here’s a scene he shares with Alex.

“We had a call that there was a possible assault on a female in the area. Is everything alright, Miss?” the darker haired officer questioned.

Alex glanced back quickly to the convenience store clerk who was peering nervously from behind the counter. She began to calm him and the officers as she explained.

“Yes. Genius here is a friend. He recognized me and thought it would be a riot to sneak up behind me. I assure you he’ll rethink repeating the stunt if he ever wants to have sex again.”

She looked to Liam. Her gift could only get them so far. Luckily, he had caught on and cringed.

“I should’ve known better than to mess with an East Bristol chick. They’re all ball-busters—literally.” Liam adjusted himself, faking a wince. Alex hid her surprise as one of the officers, obviously a local, laughed. “Sorry if we scared the clerk in there,” Liam finished.

“It’s alright. He calls at least once a month with some story. This was one of the few believable ones,” the first officer responded, his hand no longer on his weapon. “So long as no one’s hurt too badly.” He nodded to Liam.

“I’m married with two little girls. If my masculinity can handle princess parties, it can handle just about anything,” the hulking warrior replied. Alex rolled her eyes. It was a good thing she hadn’t let up on her influencing. If she didn’t buy that, they sure as hell wouldn’t.

Both officers shook their heads and wished them a good night as they headed back to their car. As soon as it was out of sight, Liam pulled out his knife again and began dragging her quickly towards the club.

“Princess parties, really? That’s the lie you chose? And how’d you know I was from East Bristol?”

“I remembered your sweatshirt the first warrior meeting you attended. Besides you do fit the profile—mouthy and tough.” Alex stomped on his foot, but his steel-toed boots kept him from missing a beat. “And the princess parties are true, but, ah, that can stay between us right?”

Yeah, right, ’cause our favorite heroine is so good at keeping her mouth shut!

2. Abby – Another example of a character with a Sage story just itching to be told—but not in this novel.

“Sage Matthew, to what do I owe this displeasure?” Abigail sashayed out from behind the counter. Her honey colored waist length hair swinging just above the curve of her hips.

“Karma’s a bitch, witch. I suspect a couple centuries of poisoning people with your magic mumbo jumbo could be coming home to roost. But I’m not here for a social visit,” Sage said. He avoided eye contact by scanning the shop’s modern merchandise with a look of distaste. He was disgusted there were enough humans who bought into this occult crap to legitimize the storefront that enabled her to sell potions, pills, and ‘spells’ to the few remaining witches and the far too many remaining vampires who hadn’t embraced modern medicine and science.

“No, I don’t suppose you are. Though I hadn’t heard you and the tiny mill girl you manipulated into feeding you had gotten mated, never mind had young.” She looked first at Torie then at Rocky. The young warrior became very interested in a candle on the shelf behind him, but Sage heard his tittering.

“They’re not mine,” he spat. “This one’s technically not even Rectinatti. But you know that. You know exactly who she is.”

Abby knows far more than she’s sharing in this book, but that’s another story for another day!

If you haven’t already checked out the book (or any of the books) they’re all on my Amazon page. You can also find them all on Barnes and Noble.


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