Pre-Game Time!


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Crack open the True Blood,
pour yourself an aphrodisiac flute of
champagne, or imbibe in whatever other beverage seems appropriate for
tailgating prior to a paranormal romance release, because tomorrow is Unbridled’s
release as well as the kick off to its blog tour: Romance for a Reason

for you lucky Amazon
Kindle readers Unbridled is available now
!** For the rest of you,
please be patient, as I am trying to be, as Barnes & Noble and the
paperback versions become live. (You can sign
up to be notified about the paperback


About the book:

Unbridled is a collection of
connected short stories from the Alex Crocker series. Though it features Alex,
it mostly focuses on the love stories of three other couples from the series:
Sarah and Darian, Vivian and Sage, and Ellie and Rocky. I think it’s unique,
and therefore hopefully fun for the reader, in that it weaves together the
stories in a way that makes it read like a novel.

it falls somewhere near the beginning of book three (which has yet to be
completed). I tried, though, to make it enjoyable and understandable to new
readers, without drowning fans of the series with repetitive backstory from the
other books. And if you read carefully, I threw in a few hints of what’s to
come in book three!

although it is meant to be read and enjoyed as one tale comprised of connected
vignettes, I’ve also appeased the 99¢ crowd by putting up the three main stories
separately. “Grace
and Dignity,”
and Recollections,”
and “Blood
and Secrecy”
will be available on Nook and Kindle.


The blog tour:

lucky enough to have eighteen different sites hosting me during the month of
October! I’ve put up a calendar on the Romance for a Reason
so readers can see what I’ll be discussing and when. In my (completely
unbiased) opinion, it’s a fantastic mix of posts, excerpts, interviews, reviews,
and features. Thanks to all the book bloggers and authors who are


The fundraising:

already posted at length about the two charities and why I chose them, but it
doesn’t hurt to say it again! October
is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Domestic Violence
Awareness Month. As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor and a friend,
teammate, coworker, and teacher of too many women who’ve been affected by
violence, I chose it to also to be the release date for Unbridled. I may not love wearing pink or purple, the colors of
these two issues, but I do love a good fight for great causes. I’ve just chosen
to battle this one with my pen. Please consider helping in your own way. 

How you can help:

Read some romance. Proceeds from Unbridled
will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and V-Day. 

Donate. Make your own individual donation to these
two charities or choose a local charity supporting these and other causes
affecting women in your area. To learn more about each charity and my reasons
for choosing them, visit
the Romance for a Reason page
. Or click through to donate directly.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation


Party hard. Gather the women (and men!) of your book club or just a group of
friends for a Romance for Reason party. Party ideas? Check out my earlier blog for ideas on how to plan your gathering.
Then download the Romance Reading Questionnaire and/or the Body Lingo Bingo for some fun party

Share. Tweet, status update,
review, or just chat with friends about the books, the tour, and the charities
(mine or yours)!

And, of course, I couldn’t
ask for people to help without offering something in return, so as a thank you
for your support I’m offering a raffle with some fun prizes. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?


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