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Blogger Book Fair: 5th and Final Day!

For those of you just finding your way to my blog for the BBF, welcome! Feel free to head over to my regular website to learn a bit about me and my writing and to enter a chance to win a digital copy of my first two novels in the Alex Crocker series, Unforeseen and Unveiled

While we’re talking giveaways, I’ve the pleasure of hosting author Victoria Pinder, pen name Greta Buckle, on the blog today. She’s the last of my BBF guests, and she’s been gracious enough to share not only two excerpts but a link to a complete free short story. So read on and enjoy!

Make Up May Change Your Life

by Greta

Published by CreateSpace

Space Opera Romance

Short Story Contains elements of aliens and comedy

Heat Level: Steamy

Length: 32 pages

Free during the Book Blogger event
Available at:

Amazon – Makeup
May Change Your Love Life (Zoastra Origins Series) by Greta Buckle 


Marcus Aurelius planned on remaining a battle General for
his career in space. He worked hard all his life, sacrificed a personal life,
and stayed focus. He kept himself away from love.

Rosemarie joined EarthSeekers to follow Marcus. Her
parents started the program after exposing how humanity formed in the first
place. She kept her crush silent, until one day when she bought makeup.

Rosemarie put on the make up assuming that like all make
up, it made a woman feel beautiful. She didn’t believe the story that this make
up makes a man fall in love.


Chapter 1

What’s a Little
Fairy Dust

Planet Persia

   Second Lieutenant Rosemarie Mortlock thanked her new
acquaintances again for the personalized tour of the city. Brigadier General
Aurelius had granted her request for the tour earlier today, when it was
offered to her at the first-contact meeting on ship.

   The people of Planet Persia were advanced. And
Brigadier General Aurelius said meetings were both a nice gesture to show the
aliens that they came in peace, and to allow the senior officers a chance to
indulge in fresh air. Meeting aliens who looked, smelled, and talked like
humans struck a deep chord within her.

   When her shift on the ship ended, Rosemarie raced to
the planet for the tour with her guide, Aladenia. Rosemarie had talked to
Aladenia for days and days, and already thought of her as a friend. Now,
finally, they were meeting. They’d hugged when Rosemarie made it to the planet,
although the beginning of the day had to be formal.

   Aladenia had led the tour. Rosemarie followed along
with her shipmates, including Brigadier General Aurelius, who she’d had a
secret crush on all her life. The Earthlings were shown some museum pieces, and
other antiquated communication attempts that Aladenia’s people had created
throughout the years.

   When they finally left the museum, the groups split
up. The men decided to go off together, and Rosemarie had freedom to talk to
her new friend without interruption.

   Aladenia had promised her some girl time. Once they
said their goodbyes, they headed to the marketplace. Shopping became fun,
especially since she was on an alien planet.

    “You are
the only female on your ship not married, correct?” asked Aladenia.

felt like she was talking to an old girlfriend from her hometown, Splendid. “I’m
not the only one,” she answered with a smile. “But I want a career.”

    “No one
man interests you?”

    “I want a
man. But I’ve yet to find one who likes the idea of me being on a space ship
for years without him.”

   Adadenia led her to a store on their left. “Then marry
someone on your starship.”

   Rosemarie refused to let her mind wander. “There are
rules against fraternization.”

didn’t seem to stop Majors Peter and Grace Newman.”

   Her married friends on the tour with them. Rosemarie
nodded. “True, but I’m not equal in rank to men that I’m interested in. And
besides, the men on the Zoastra lack a certain ‘bad-boy rule-breaking’

    “So there
is someone on your ship that you wish would break a few rules for you?”

   Yes, Marcus
. Rosemarie quickly quashed her silly daydream. It’s not going to happen. So why wonder when
she’ll only make herself unhappy in the end?

    “You need
Dilorithum Dust,” Aladenia said.

Dust? What’s that?”

    “I apologize.
Dilorithum Dust is a topical cosmetic many of us put on our faces. It promises
that an interested man will make himself known to the girl. It’s supposed to
drive men crazy. Unfortunately for us, the product doesn’t actually work as
promised. It makes the face sparkle very nicely, though. Would you like to try

   Rosemarie nodded yes. “The cosmetics companies on our
world used to promise women the same thing.”

worlds have much in common.”

    “If my
father is right, we’re all from the same ancestors.”

legends also speak of star people.” Aladenia added. “Your people look very
similar to us, except that Earthlings have a variety of skin colors.”

   Rosemarie glanced at her alien friend. Aladenia looked
white, but the Persians had no coloring under their skin. No olive or pinkish
undertones. They seemed more like ghosts. Rosemarie felt glad to be human. Her
Asian and Irish ancestry gave her dark hair, and a temper to match anyone’s.

   Rosemarie bought a package of Dilorithum Dust, because
the smell made her feel heavenly.




Mything You

by Greta

Published by CreateSpace

NA Fantasy Romance

Contains elements
of action, adventure and comedy

Heat Level: Steamy

Length: 258 pages

Available at:



He wasn’t
looking for love. He only wanted to prove he was worthy of being a king’s son.

Adventurer Theseus had dreamed of meeting his father, King Aegeus.
As Theseus journeys to Athens, he
meets his match in strength along the way. But is it the will of a beautiful
young princess that puts this strong young man finally at his mercy? Or will he
be able to conquer the princess’s heart?

She had
settled for a life of unhappiness and believed a man who would love her for
herself was only in her dreams.

Princess Ari has followed her father’s dictates all her life. On
her way to meet her bridegroom, she is attacked. Saved by a handsome
adventurer, Theseus, she tempts fate and follows him on his journey to Athens. Being with Theseus opens up a whole
new world of opportunity for her. But will she allow her heart or loyal duty
choose her life for her?


Theseus’ entire body must have been made in the nectar of desire
because she wished to bury herself in his arms. And he didn’t stop her from
running to him. She jumped when a crash cracked through the air. Blinking,
unsure of what happened, her body became rigid. Theseus pulled her into his
arms and onto the ground seconds before the giant flew over the pair of them.

He took his hand off her head. He had protected her. Again.

Staring up at him stirred something unique inside her that she never
believed could happen to her. She’d seen the plays and the tragedy that love
caused, but never understood temptation. The fire in her belly burned into
every part of her body from his smoldering eyes. He looked down at her as he
cradled her in his arms. “That was Sinus. I don’t think he’ll kill anyone else
ever again.”

“He won’t. How do you know his name?”

“He’s the reason I chose this path when I was fifteen. I had
planned to prove my courage to my father, and take out the biggest villain on
the road.”

“Check that off the list of goals then.” she said. “Good job.”

She continued to embrace Theseus, making her body tingle from
crazy stirrings. What would he taste like? She’d die a happy death if he put
his lips on hers. My, what was she thinking?

“I never believed you’d be here, or that my goal in that moment
would turn to protecting you.” he said, pulling her closer.

She shook off her desires. She needed to let him go. She focused
on logic instead of the male body in front of her. “I don’t know what to say.
Today has been the craziest day.”

“It’s the middle of the night, little one.”

“You’re right. I don’t know what’s happening to me anymore.
Theseus, this never happens to me.”

“What doesn’t happen to you?” he asked, smiling.

“I don’t know.”

He played with her hair, and straightened her clothes. “Your
innocence and desire are a siren’s call to me, Ari, and you don’t have a clue,
do you?”

“Who’s Ari?” She half expected to be disappointed with whatever he
would say.

“You are. It fits you much better than Ariadne. Ari trembles for

She licked her lips, wanting to kiss him. But she couldn’t.
Theseus embodied a man out of her dreams.

She looked away thinking of what waited for her when her father’s
men found her. “I don’t know my bridegroom. I’ve only ever known my duty.”

Theseus’ body tensed. “You’re betrothed?”

“I never agreed. The bride price, I’m told, paid for my father’s
upgrade to the artillery. In the morning or someday soon, I’ll be found. But…can
you do me one last favor?”

“What, little one?” His arms grew warm again, tightening around
her. She dared for a different life, where she lived with a chance of walking
next to him in life. Letting him go and going back to the life her father chose
sounded cold and dreary. She couldn’t, not yet.

“Kiss me, Theseus, just once.”

Taking a step closer to him, she looked into his mesmerizing eyes.
His strong hands framed her face, his fingers circled her mouth and his eyes
darkened with tenderness. When he leaned into her, her eyelids fluttered shut.
His light pressure sweetly opened her mouth.

Her secret wish had come true. The prison walls in Ariadne’s heart
disappeared in her soul, and today Ari’s lips ached.

He bent his head close. Then, she felt his strong lips on hers,
and she lost control.




About the Author:

Victoria Pinder writing as Greta Buckle
grew up in Irish Catholic Boston before moving to the
Miami sun.
She’s worked in engineering, then became a lawyer. After realizing she hates
clients, she became a high school teacher. Teaching is fun, but writing is a
passion. She wrote one hundred and one fan fiction stories online before
deciding to transition into writing her own stories. Never ask her to republish
her fan stories from age eleven- horribly written stories of princesses. Victoria
dreams of writing professionally, where her barista can make her coffee and a
walk on the beach, can motivate her tales. Theseus story came to her when she
was a freshman in high school as her English teacher, the nun, told her how
life was hard and tragedy teaches lessons. In 2013, she stopped indy publishing
because she sold four novels to small presses and she’s super happy about this.
Victoria’s love of writing has kept her centered and focused. How is she crazy?
The voices in her head are characters in novels and she’s not insane.

Visit Victoria Pinder online at:




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