Buckle up for a Wild Week

Whoever coined the term ‘the lazy days of summer’ didn’t have a week like this one planned. My personal life is packed with visits from friends and the HUGE excitement in my family for the anticipated arrival of my first nephew. That in itself would constitute a busy and wonderful week, but my bookish life is just as packed. 

This week I am taking part in the Blogger Book Fair. This is an online event where authors, reviewers, and book bloggers come together to celebrate great reads and to help cross-promote. With over two hundred participants, it’s like a blog swap on steroids! 

So what’s it mean for readers? You get guest posts, interviews, and raffles from other authors on my blog. At the same time, I’ll be visiting other blogs providing posts and offering a raffle to their readers. In addition, you can check out the BBF’s site for links to hundreds of free books, 99¢ books, raffles and events. It’s a book lover’s paradise, people!

Since my blog will be busy hosting my guests starting tomorrow morning, here’s a teaser of what to expect from my guest posts (use the links on the given day to read them):


Hazel at Craves the Angst has reviewed both Unforeseen and Unveiled and will be sharing her thoughts on the series.

Kayla Curry at Paranormal Lounge (who is also the super host of the BBF) is sharing excerpts from the books. 

And I’m sharing my “Reasons Why Love is Better in Books” over at author Nicole Zoltack’s blog.


First I’m posting “Confessions & Explanations of a Vampire Chick” on fellow author Liz Long’s site.

Next it’s off to PepperWords for an interview with fellow author and screenwriter M. Pepper Langlin.

Later that evening I’m heading to author Kate Lutter’s blog for my post “A Late Bloomer’s Defense of Fantasy.”


Grab your fans, girls. We’re talking hotties today on author Victoria Pinder’s blog, with my post “Hunks to Spare.” 


Wrapping up the BBF, I’m turning over the reins to my heroine Alex who’s visiting author Margaret Taylor’s site for a character interview.

In addition to these already scheduled posts I’ve done a “Top 5” list on why love is better in books, an explanation of urban fantasy, and advice to aspiring young writers. As soon as these fellow authors share their schedules, I’ll update this list with links, so check back throughout the week. 

Though the BBF officially starts tomorrow, you can start enjoying the perks today with an early entry to the raffle I’m hosting. Good luck!

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