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Trio of Announcements


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After over a week of nearly complete social media silence,
some of you might have wondered if I had followed my heroine’s fate and been
abducted by a coven of hot vampires. Sadly, no. I merely fell into the infinite
chasm of correcting, meetings, and paperwork that is the life of most teachers
come June, which completely saps the time and creative energy I need to write.
Actually, I’m guessing this paragraph is the longest and most creative string
of words I’ve been able to put together since the month began. And rereading
it, that’s not saying much.

Luckily I have news important enough to pull me out of my
slump. And like all good things, it comes in threes. Or is that bad news…or
broken dishes? Does anyone else seem to break things in triples?

Sorry, prolonged exposure to thirteen-year-olds kills brain
cells; it’s the real reason teachers need summer vacation. So that news I

1. I have
confirmation that Unveiled will
be released in paperback on Amazon this Monday, June 24th!
my “traditional book” readers, this means you can finally see how the story of
Alex and her blood-sucking buds continues. For my grandmothers, who really
don’t like “that kind of story”, they can hold another book with their
granddaughter’s name on the cover. They find this cool. Who am I kidding, I do

For those of you who prefer your books signed and are kind
enough to keep me company at book events, you have two great opportunities come

2.  I will be
at the Cape Cod Writers Group booth at the Hyannis Art Shanties
on July 4th from 11-3:30, along the harbor in downtown Hyannis.

I’ll have both books from the
Crocker series
with me, and I’ll be with another local author, Wendy
Shreve, who’ll have her supernatural mystery book
Shadowwater with her. The other booths sell a variety of arts and
crafts, and the downtown area is full of unique shops and great restaurants. So
if you’re at the Cape for the 4
th, please stop by!

3. If driving to the Cape on 4th of July
weekend sounds like a nightmare, have no fear.
Tatnuck bookstore in
Westborough is hosting me for an author event on Sunday, July 14th
from 1-3 in their event room.
I’ll be signing books, chatting writing, and
otherwise attempting to entertain patrons—no juggling fire, but I might break
out the fake fangs again! At any rate, I would love some company.

The end of the school year is winding down, which means my
peak writing, promoting, and blogging time is in reach. Until then I’m working
hard to resist the temptation of duct tape and repeating the words of my
favorite optimistic locomotive: I think I can, I think I can!


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