Zero Hour

No, this post is not about the great new television series which lasted less than three episodes, entirely due to the fact my family and I all liked it (our agreeing on anything is the kiss of death). Today, instead, I’m celebrating the successful end of the A to Z Challenge and bracing myself for the excitement and stress that comes with a book release! 

May is release month, or zero hour, if you will, for book two in the Alex Crocker Seer series, Unveiled. Hopefully the last twenty-five posts have been entertaining, informative, and have built a little interest and excitement for the next book. For those so enthused that you want to reread a post, the list with links follows. For those of you with a life, oops, I mean, for the rest of you, thanks so much for visiting this month! Be sure to subscribe to the blog and/or like my Facebook page to continue to get updates about the books and my other writing. 

It’s been fun, but I need a blogging break…at least until tomorrow!

A: A is for Alex – background on the series’ MC Alex Crocker

B: B is for Brothers – background on Alex’s brothers, Levi and Dave Crocker

C: Creating a Creator – explanation of the Creator, Creator’s Day

D: “D” is Daring – background on Darian, Rectinatti Regan

E: Elusive – some background on Ellie Jamison, a new character in Unveiled

F: Feeding Your Soul – explanation of feeding and essence

G: Grounded for a Lifetime (Or Two) – background on Rocky

H: Humor Me – using humor in writing

I: Interview With a Seer – character interview with Alex Crocker

J: Jammin’ – my writing playlists

K: Knowing Can Be the Battle – background on Sage & explanation of Knowers

L: Longevity, Not Immortality – an explanation of one variation from traditional vampire lore

M: Mr. Right – background on Markus

N: What’s in a Name? – how characters’ names were chosen

O: Outtakes & Outlets – an extra chapter from the series

P: Problematic Parents – background on Alex’s parents

Q: Queen of More Than Her Own Castle – background on Sarah

R: Rectinatti – background on the Rectinatti coven

S: Seer of a Different Sort – explanation of Seers

T: Tools of the Trade – the research that goes into writing

U: Unveiled – teaser, trailer, and links to first chapter from book 2 of the series

V: Vengatti – background on the baddies in the books

W: Warriors, or The Appeal of the Alpha Male – an explanation of warriors and why women love them

X: X-rated or Perfectly PG? – writing for adults

Y: Yesteryear – an extra scene of backstory from the series

Z: Zero Hour – wrapping up the challenge and counting down to Unveiled’s release


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