Warriors, or The Appeal of the Alpha Male

Excerpt from Unforeseen:

“The prophecy reads:

The last of three,
Where essence is strong, marred
And before the turn, battle-worn
From which will then be born to us
A unique warrior
is’ he who Sees a way
To victory.”
“That’s it?” Alex asked seeing the eager look on Ardellus’s face as he waited for her to explain the lines. It hardly made sense. It sounded like chunks of the lines were missing.
“It’s okay, Alex. I didn’t see how it fit, either. For one thing, it clearly refers to a male,” Darian said. He dropped the pen, looking only a little disappointed.
“Only this version, son,” Ardellus corrected. “The footnote states the spelling was changed from the original copy written by the Knower who prophesied it. The transcriber changed the pronoun to the masculine, because he believed the feminine form to be a transcription error.”

“And why wouldn’t he? It refers to the Seer as a warrior,” Darian pointed out.
“So?” Alex asked sitting up straight.
“In vampire culture all males were traditionally called warriors and females protectors, because those were the roles they played in the coven,” Darian explained.
“Well, the prophecy isn’t about a vampire, it’s about a Seer. And it refers to a ‘unique warrior.’ As the first female, I’d be unique,” Alex argued, irked by the sexist stereotyping. She saw the corner of Ardellus’s mouth twitch. She hadn’t liked his earlier attitude towards Rocky, but he had potential.

“Unique as a Seer, yes, but females, especially human females, can’t be warriors,” Darian said.

“Just because we’re smart enough not to look for a fight, doesn’t mean we aren’t capable of fighting. You call your females protectors. Have you ever seen a female protect her best friend, her child, or her lover for that matter? We can be fierce. Your Sarah seems calm and controlled, but I bet if anyone tried to harm you, she’d rip him limb from limb, right?” Alex asked Darian. She smirked when he didn’t deny it. “You’d be a fool to underestimate or underutilize half a population based solely on gender. The Others seem to have come to that conclusion a few days ahead of you, or I wouldn’t have been grabbed in that alley. Don’t make the same mistake twice, Regan.”


Warrior Traditionally the role all males in the Rectinatti coven filled. As males they were expected to train to fight the Vengatti to protect both the humans living near their coven and the females in the coven. After the coven settled in America, more males took on human occupations and only served the mandated hours. It was then the warriors became a select group of males (and only males) led by the lead warrior to kick butt and protect those weaker than then—and, yes, that includes females, even female vampires. So Alex is, indeed, a unique warrior.

Writing Reasons:

I was the seventh grader who begged her mother (unsuccessfully) to play Pop Warner football. In high school I was more intimidated by the heels most girls wore to prom than by any guy who wanted to verbally spar in my honors classes. And as one of only two women in my black belt class, I wasn’t afraid of physically sparring with the men either. I’ve always taken pride in my strength and my independence. Basically, I’ve been a feminist since before I knew what the word meant.

Why, then, are most of the males in my series alpha males, tough guys who feel it’s not only their duty, but also their place to protect their females? It’s awfully hypocritical of women to claim to be feminists yet swoon over tough guys, right? Wrong. Not needing a guy to hold the door (or in this case, slice some throats) for you is completely different from not wanting him to. Any guy willing and able to be my knight in shining armor is likely swoon-worthy. Whether or not I need a knight, frankly, is irrelevant. Protectiveness is born out of love and concern for the protected, and bravery on the part of the protector. I really doubt any guy who thinks little of women would be willing to risk his life for one of us. What some feminist females in real life and in fiction (my MC Alex included) don’t always see is that the chivalry of most alpha males shows respect, not contempt for women. That’s why those of us who recognize this love our alpha males, in life and in our books. So make note, even in an age of equality, chivalry is not dead; it’s hot!


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