“They knew your running route,” Darian replied. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been tracking you for awhile.”
Alex had desired honesty, but was overwhelmed with the truth. Her right hand shook by her side.
“But why?” she asked again. She was desperate to understand. “Who are they?”
“They are another coven of vampires, though we use the word loosely when referring to them.” Darian spoke of them with obvious disdain. “We sometimes refer to them as the Others, though, like our own coven, they have a traditional name they call themselves: the Vengatti. It means—”

“Vengeance?” Alex cut in. “Against your coven?” Alex watched as Darian ran his hand through his hair. Whoever these vampires were, they caused the Regan a significant amount of stress.

“Maybe in recent history,” he answered. “But not originally. At first it was just against humans.”

“Humans? What did we ever do? What could we do?” Alex thought it seemed crazy that such a powerful group of creatures could ever be put in a position where they would feel the need to seek vengeance against a significantly weaker species.

“Vampires believe the Creator created both humans and vampires, each species with their own strengths and weaknesses,” Darian started. “Vampires’ strengths should have allowed them to be the more powerful species, and for a while we were. But the human race grew and developed quickly and were able to spread all over the globe, while vampires, who can usually reproduce only enough to keep the population steady, had to stay together to feed within their covens. Most vampires never minded this. Our ancestors enjoyed living apart from humans. But as the world became more populated and total isolation became impossible, some vampires became bitter over the weaker species forcing us to live in secret. A group of these vampires broke off from one of the original covens, and, as they saw it, began to exact justice on the human race.”

Darian paused and seemed to examine how Alex was absorbing all this. She had been intrigued hearing him explain more about this world, but guessing what was coming next, trembled slightly. Noticing this, he might have left it there, but Alex urged him to finish.

“They began feeding from humans instead of just each other. In order to stay strong feeding off weaker essences, they developed a way of feeding from the strongest part of humans’ essence. Because humans don’t feed in return, all that’s left behind is the weaker, undesirable parts. In other words, they feed off people’s goodness, leaving them. . . .” Darian shrugged and shook his head. He was unable to put words to this horror.

Conscienceless? Evil? Alex finished in her mind, too shocked to speak. When Darian and then Rocky had first described how their breed of vampires fed by sharing their essence with the ones they loved, she had begun to think of feeding as an intimate and almost romantic notion. But as she imagined the monsters that survived by draining the good from people, she was horrified.

– excerpt from Unforeseen, chapter 8


Vengatti (sometimes referred to as the Others by the Rectinatti) – The opposing coven of vampires who split from the Rectinatti back in Italy. The Vengatti believed that humans were growing too quickly in numbers and strength and resented having to live in secrecy from them. Feeling they were the superior race, the Vengatti began to feed from humans rather than each other. Because humans have less essence and it is not an exchange, feeding from them often leaves them unable to recover, rendering them conscienceless.

Facts: The Vengatti coven are also run by a Regan, but unlike the Rectinatti, they have no Elder Council. The Regan has complete control over the coven. Since they don’t hold stock in bloodlines, Regans are chosen, or more accurately, perhaps, take control of the coven when a vacancy arises. 

Writing Reasons:

Well, if I had to have some bad guys, I wanted them to be truly loathsome. Somehow vampires who drink from humans, even unwilling humans, didn’t seem bad enough. And draining them was both overdone and in some ways merciful. So I had to find something worse than death. Here, I definitely drew on J. K. Rowling’s idea of Dementors for the Vengatti. A human who suffers a Dementor’s kiss is left without a soul. I always pictured that as being left in a coma-like state, neither good nor bad, just lifeless. As awful and terrifying as that sounds, at least you’d be unable to hurt others. So when I looked to make my Vengatti equally atrocious, I decided to twist this idea. Instead of being left soulless, Vengatti victims who are drained of their essence and survive would be conscienceless. They’d no longer care about hurting others. To see a loved one turned evil or to think about doing evil to your loved ones, seemed to me a fate much worse than death.

Today’s question:

What makes for the most terrifying creatures?


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