Queen of More Than Her Own Castle

Women’s lib might not be fully realized yet among either coven of vampires in my series, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t feisty females, some with a whole lot of sway. Though the Madame Regan’s official role is primarily dealing with the females and young of the coven, she’s also the Regan’s mate, lover, and feeding partner. That leaves her with an awful lot of leverage. 


Sarah Darian, Madame Regan

Born: in Ireland, 1684, the oldest daughter of a first family

Physical characteristics: tall, slender, graceful, long blond hair and blue eyes

Of note: Sarah was chosen as a very young girl to be trained as mate to the future Regan, who at the time had yet to be born. Though they mated just after Darian’s maturity, they have yet to give birth to an heir. 

Just for fun: Always interested in arranged relationships and how they work, I spent some time developing a backstory for Sarah’s mating to Darian. The story of how Sarah and Darian fall for one another is another of the tales I tell in Unbridled, a collection of short stories from the series, which will hopefully be released this fall.

Excerpt from Unforeseen:

After an hour of tending to Alex’s every possible need, Sarah had Alex back in bed, fed, drugged, cleaned as best she could around the bandages, and in fresh clothes. Alex’s short athletic figure was the exact opposite of Sarah’s tall, straight build, so the t-shirt and sweats Sarah leant her were ill-fitting. But Alex had never appreciated a change of clothes more. Just having Sarah’s calming presence and woman’s touch had been a welcome relief. With her nerves somewhat soothed, Alex knew sleep would come quickly. She felt how much her body needed it to begin the healing process. Still, she was reluctant when Sarah started to leave. Sarah seemed to notice this and turned at the door.

“I can stay until you fall asleep,” she offered.

“No, it’s okay,” Alex said. But as she watched Sarah hesitate at the door, she was reminded of Darian’s hesitation before he dismissed her. Something about it had bothered her. Her exhausted mind was just starting to comprehend why. “Can I ask you something, though?”

“Sure,” Sarah replied with just a hint of reluctance.
“Do you ever interact with humans? Do you let humans know you exist?”
“Well, you know about us now,” Sarah said. Her lips spread into a soft smile that never reached her eyes.
Alex didn’t need any more of an answer than Sarah’s expression. She hid her shaking hands under the covers.
“Right,” she said with her own forced smile, trying to match Sarah’s tone. “Well, goodnight, or good morning, I guess.”
“Are you sure you don’t want me to stay with you?”
“No, thank you, though, for everything.”
Sarah examined Alex for a moment, then nodded. Before she left, however, she turned back to address Alex one last time. 

“You’re at the end of the hall. If you go right, you’ll walk past Markus’s room, then the office you were in earlier. The last door before the stairs is Darian and my bedroom. Sage and Rocky have rooms in the basement. They may try to work through the morning, but by noon or so everyone will probably be asleep. We’re sound sleepers during the midday, so it’s not easy to wake us,” Sarah paused. “I thought that might be helpful . . . in case you need anything.” With that, Sarah shut the door behind her. Alex’s heartbeat eventually slowed and exhaustion overcame her.

Today’s question:

Do you need to be in charge to be in charge?


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  1. I suppose the answer depends on what one is “in charge” of. Haunting question, though. “Hmmmm,” said the Bear.Blessings and Bear hugs!Bears Noting


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