Outtakes & Outlets

My books tend to grow as I write and revise them. What starts out as a plan for a perfectly pruned piece turns into an overgrown and weedy work. Though some of those weeds can be quite pretty, they can kill the rest of the story if we let them stay. 

So today I’m sharing Outlets, an entire chapter from Unveiled that I liked but in the end had to go. It has no major spoilers (which should have told me sooner that it was unnecessary), so it can be enjoyed without giving too much away for the rest of the book!

It can be <a href="/files/2/7/6/6/7/285332-276672/Outlets.pdf” style=”font-family: Verdana; font-size: 16px; “>read online here, or if you have an ereader or tablet capable of reading pdfs, drop it into your documents after downloading, and enjoy it there!


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