For Boston

While I continued to take part in the A to Z Challenge earlier today, posting my ‘N’ post on time, my mind is on another letter today. 

I was a student at BU on 9/11. As I walked to my 8 am grammar class the next day, I remember feeling that ‘day-after’ eeriness of a city too silent, too subdued to ever be Boston. This morning my heart went out to those making a similar trek, feeling the same unease.

So today, and likely for many days to come . . .

B is for my Boston, America’s Boston.

For the city where I first fell in love with the theater,

watched my first professional ballgame, 

set my first rugby scrum,

slipped in underage to my first bar.

B is for the brashness Bostonians love.

For learning to drive with reckless abandon,

to use one four letter word as all eight parts of speech,

to speed-walk even when the wind isn’t biting,

to make rivals out of entire cities. 

B is for the bravery Bostonians displayed.

For those whose first response was to run into danger,

For those who kept running to find ways to help,

For a city which didn’t panic, but pulled together,

For a city of fighters, who will not back down, 

who will regroup and rebuild,

and be back next year

as bold, and brash, and brave as ever.



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2 responses to “For Boston

  1. Was so intensely sorry to hear about yesterday’s tragedy. The many incidences I’m hearing of the bravery of so many in the face of such horror fill me with admiration and hope. All of my thoughts and prayers to you and everyone up there.


  2. Lauren's Blog

    Thanks, Kelly, but you’re right, hearing all the stories of heroes makes us see that the bastard who did this accomplished nothing but useless violence. As a city, a state, and a nation, we stronger and more united now than before!


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