Mr. Right

A couple readers’ who reviewed Unforeseen questioned why I didn’t pair Alex with Sage. I clearly enjoy writing scenes with the two of them, his gift is similar to Alex’s, and he has a connection to her that arguably allows him to know her better than the others. It’s precisely for these reasons that I didn’t pair them. A partner should trust his mate without having to hear her thoughts. He should accept her flaws not simply because he shares them, but because he sees beyond them. Markus loves Alex despite the inequality her gift creates, he trusts her even when the rest of his coven doesn’t, and he knows her true essence because he ignores half the crap she says and does and looks to why she says and does it. Sorry, Sage fans, but, for Alex at least, Markus truly is Mr. Right.


Markus Markus, lead warrior

Born: in Ireland, to Diane and the elder Markus, in 1684

Physical characteristics: shorter than most of the warriors, lean and lithe, brown hair with auburn highlights, green eyes

Of note: Markus took over for his father as lead warrior shortly after Darian ascended to be Regan. He was Darian’s guard in Ireland when Darian was young and prone to disappearing during the days. Markus was mated once before to a female from the coven, Alia. She was murdered in Ireland by the Vengatti after just eighteen years together.

Just for fun: I don’t think Markus had much fun before meeting Alex. He was always serious, and after losing Alia he threw himself into his job. His only friends were Sage and Darian; his only release was training. Luckily, he’s found a new release since meeting Alex. ; )

Excerpt from Unforeseen:

It seemed like hours before Alex managed to cry herself into an exhaustion so deep sleep finally overtook her. She had tried admirably to hide her crying from them, biting at the pillow and covering her face with the sheet. Neither Markus nor Sage had informed her they could discern even her most muffled sobs with their enhanced hearing. With a bit of bewilderment Markus became conscious of his breathing slowing in time with hers. He hadn’t realized how anxious he felt watching her suffer. As a warrior, Markus had witnessed the pain of too many victims, vampire and human. Like any soldier, he had learned to rein in his sympathies to focus on the job at hand. But this human was testing that control. He was drawn to her. And unlike the others, Markus was in awe of her due to the inner strength she exuded, not because of her unusually strong essence. And he was intrigued not by any ability, or gift, she may or may not possess, but by her ability to make him feel emotions he thought he had permanently repressed.

*For more of Markus check out Wednesday’s post Outlets, a chapter cut from Unveiled!

Today’s question:

Who are the best and worst fictional couples that come to mind?



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2 responses to “Mr. Right

  1. Have you ever planned for two people to have a relationship, and discovered half way trough writing the book, that they weren’t suited for each other? Maybe a crazy question, but it came to mind reading your post.Blessings and Bear hugs!Bears Noting


  2. Lauren's Blog

    No, but I could see myself doing it. And, man could that throw a monkey wrench in a novel with a strong romantic subplot!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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