I won’t even attempt to deny that I gave my main character Alex more than just my height. She also loves music and uses it to clear her head and moderate her mood; this is all me. I’d like to think I didn’t give her these traits because I’m vain and wanted to see myself in my book, rather that they’d help her deal with her gift. For me, music helps with my writing, my workouts, my road rage, and just about everything else. I have a playlist for every occasion and every book I’m writing.

My writing playlists are a combination of muse music and soundtrack. When I’m thinking about the next scene I need to write, having music whose lyrics and tone fit what my characters are feeling settles me into the right mood. (I don’t actually listen when I write, only when I plan, otherwise I get too lost in the lyrics!) Other songs in my writing playlists, however, I added after writing particular scene. When I hear a line and instantly think of a scene, it gets added. 

So here it are my two playlists for the books in the Alex Crocker Seer series. (You need a Spotify account to listen to them, but it’s free and easy to register—you can log in with Facebook.) Most songs relate to Alex, but I’ve got a few that reminded me of Markus in the Unforeseen playlist and Rocky in the Unveiled playlist. 

Happy listening!

Unforeseen playlist: (scroll to see all songs)

Unveiled playlist: (scroll to see all songs)

Today’s questions:

Writers, what’s your favorite muse music? Readers, are there certain songs that remind you of a book or character?



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3 responses to “Jammin’

  1. Nice, there is some great music here!Dani @ Entertaining Interests#warriorminion


  2. Lauren's Blog

    Glad you enjoyed, Dani!


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