Interview with a Seer

I’m cheating a bit today, since this character interview was posted previously on Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews. However, it was written from Alex’s point of view just after book one, so it fits nicely with the theme which is to provide some insight and information for readers before the release of Unveiled. Enjoy!

Character interview with Alex Crocker:

Background: Alexandra (Alex) Crocker is the twenty-five year old heroine in Unforeseen and the upcoming books in the series. She was born and raised in Bristol, Massachusetts, where after graduating from a local college she obtained a job teaching middle school English. Her current job as Seer of the Rectinatti coven of vampires is deadlier, although at times not all that different from teaching teenagers; it’s full of emotional drama, there are plenty of boys behaving badly, and most days it leaves her with a headache. 

So, Alex, what one word best describes you?

These days…freak? Sorry, this whole walking emotion detector thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I guess I ought to answer ‘gifted,’ since that’s what my power is supposed to be, a gift.  Honestly, though, it doesn’t feel like it. Sure, being able to stun a full-grown vampire just with my emotions comes in handy, but I wouldn’t need it if I weren’t being hunted for my so-called ‘gift’ to begin with. Hunted. That would be another appropriate response, but that sounds as dramatic as freak. Let’s keep it simple and stick with Seer. That describes both what I am and what’s driving my oh-so-pleasant personality these days.

What do you do to unwind and relax?

Relaxing has been tricky since discovering I’m living in a city with two covens of vampires, one of which wants me captured or dead.  That said, I’m dating now and just recently discovered that my ability to sense others’ emotions makes certain activities even more pleasant than normal. I think we should probably leave it at that.

Do you play any sports?

Oh, that was probably the type of thing you were looking for in the last question. I guess we know where my mind’s been since meeting Markus. Yes, I love physical activity, especially running. I’ve always used exercise to quiet my thoughts, drown my sense, even before I knew what I was and why I felt emotions so intensely. When I’m running I can focus on just that, running. 

As a kid I also took karate. At the time I just thought my dad wanted me to know how to defend myself against ordinary creeps. I was tiny even then. Of course, now I know he had other enemies in mind. At five-one, I’m not sure my years of training will do me much good against a species with the speed, size, and strength vampires have, but I’m glad I know what I do. Even male vampires react when you get in a good kick to the groin.

What are your favorite TV shows?

I’m almost embarrassed to answer this one. I was never much of a TV watcher before, but since I came to live with Darian, the Rectinatti Regan, I haven’t really had the freedom to come and go as I please—this, I’m assured, is for my own safety, we’ll see. Anyway, I’ve taking to killing time with Rocky on his nights off. We spend late nights watching marathons of bad reality TV shows on cable. Not because we liked them, we’ve convinced ourselves, but because “somebody has to make fun of those losers,” as Rocky explains it. Ironically, it’s a nice escape from reality, although I do worry I’m giving Rocky and the other vampires a very bad impression of humans. The other night Rocky actually asked if my mother ever entered me in a pageant. After leaving an imprint of my fist on his right arm, I informed him that I never have and never will don a tiara. 

What group did you hang out with in high school?

High school. Ugh. That was when my sense first began to develop. I was hypersensitive to others’ feelings, and not just guys crushing on me. Being in a high school with so many emos and drama queens was torture. A school counselor once labeled me extremely empathetic, though when others’ moods distracted or upset me, I just felt pathetic. Needless to say, I wasn’t Miss Popularity. I mostly kept to myself. Teenage girls are teeming with emotion, and as my sense first developed, it was hard to be around too many of them at once. I spent my free time at the karate dojo. Being around guys was easier. Their emotions are more muted. Besides, that was just after the ‘car accident’ that killed my brothers. Hanging out with their friends in a place they spent so much of their time was comforting.

Tell us about your family.

Gee, I opened myself up for that one didn’t I? Do you have all day? Do you have one of those couches shrinks use? Sorry, but this one’s a little raw right now. A few months ago I would have supplied some snarky remark along the lines of “we bring dysfunctional to a new height” and left it at that. Since then I’ve learned that everything I thought I knew about my father and most of what I knew about my brothers was wrong. I had mistakenly judged and blamed my parents, particularly my father, for what I had perceived as weakness after my brothers’ apparent deaths. I had thought this weakness was what destroyed my family. Now I know differently. The Vengatti destroyed my family. My two older brothers are dead. My father over-extended what little power he had in order to try to save them. Now he’s little more than a shell of a man. My mother looks way too old for someone her age, but who can blame her after all she’s gone through. I’m all she really has left, and I’ve done everything possible not to be a part of her life since I graduated college four years ago. I could rectify that of course, get close again. But that seems a little cruel considering my odds of surviving all this. 

Got a happier question?

What makes you happy?

That one’s easy–anything that makes the people I’m with happy. I sense everyone’s emotions, so if my company is in a good mood, it’s often contagious. Sage is happy when he’s making one of us squirm, usually by sharing some embarrassing thought he just plucked from our heads. Rocky is happy when one of the older males overlooks the not-so-honorable reason he’s serving with the warriors and recognizes his talent. Darian is happy when I’m not questioning his authority. And Markus is happy so long as I’m safe. His love and concern make me pretty happy, too. There are perks to being a Seer. 



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