Humor Me

Despite what one might surmise from my last name, which a fellow urban fantasy writer recently told me was perfect for the often morbid tone our genre takes on, I love to laugh. I’ve told my students that I award bonus points to any story that brings me to tears, but really, for a story to make my “great reads” list it needs to make me laugh aloud at least once. If my neighbors, who know I live alone, aren’t scratching their heads wondering what I’m doing downstairs, the author hasn’t done her job. So when I wrote my own story, I knew a few funny lines were I must.

Problem is, in real-time, I’m not terribly funny. The guys in my family, from my grandfather on down, have always been the ones able to pull a quick one-liner out of nowhere. I’d never been fast enough to verbally spar with them and spent many a night put out over the fact, too. It turns out, though, that writing a few funny lines is right up my alley, because when you’re the one writing the dialogue, timing is not everything. I can muse for days over a scene or a single line until I come up with something that makes me chuckle (and will hopefully have the same effect on a few readers).

The second book being a bit darker, there wasn’t always room for as much humor. I tried, though, to keep a bit of bantering between Sage and Alex to lighten up some scenes, and, of course, anytime guys are alone there’s plenty of lewd comments tossed about to make for a few good laughs (assuming, like me, you’re a seventh grader at heart—it’s the only way one can stay sane while teaching them!).

I’m leaving out the excerpt today, since most of the zingers are short or only make sense in the context of the scene or series, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on today’s questions:

Do you like a little humor mixed into your other genres? Which author writes the funniest characters?



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2 responses to “Humor Me

  1. I would love to add humour into my writing but I find myself incapable.


  2. Lauren's Blog

    Deadpan is a type of humor. I’m betting from this comment you’re funnier than you admit to being!


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