Grounded for a Lifetime (Or Two)

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Okay, I suppose serving a sentence for violently attacking a fellow coven  member (even one who deserved what he got) is a little more serious than being grounded for two centuries, but that’s basically the future faced by my favorite character, aside from Alex. Exploring Rocky more in Unveiled was great; it’d be selfish not to share a little more with you while waiting for the release!


Rocky, formerly Sylvester Antonio 

Born: February 13, 1986 in Bristol, Ma, the oldest son of a first family

Physical characteristics: just about 6’, stocky build, olive skin, dark hair and eyes

Of note: Rocky (Sly at the time) damaged the fang of another first family male while defending his sister Maria, although that couldn’t be proved. To save his own reputation, his father Antonio disowned him, leaving Rocky the ward of the Regan while he served his sentence of two centuries of service as restitution to the male he injured.

Just for fun: Rocky is a junk food addict with a particular taste for sugary cereals. Despite growing up in Massachusetts, he’s a Mets fan; hey, we all have flaws. He’s also one of the coven’s best marksmen, one of the few vampires able to accurately shoot another vamp moving at full speed.

Writing Reasons:

Rocky started off in my planning as a comic relief character, but he soon became a parallel to my main character Alex. Both are young compared to the others. Both have been displaced from their families and have issues with their fathers. And both feel they are treated like children and outcasts, yet are expected to bear the responsibilities of full-fledged coven members. As Rocky’s backstory became more clear to me, I knew he needed to be a focus of the second book. Hopefully, fans of his from Unforeseen will find him more flushed out in Unveiled and even more likable. If I could hang out with any of my characters in real life, Rocky would undoubtedly be my choice!

Excerpt from Unveiled:

“I’m twenty-four, not twelve. The last thing I need is three more fathers telling me what to do all the time.”

“What you need is one good friend who’s smart enough to know when you’re being an asshole and tough enough not to care that you don’t like hearing it. And guess what, pal, you’re looking at him.”

But Rocky wasn’t looking at him. Not for long. He broke away from Sage’s glare and stared out the window as the Jeep sped toward the suburbs.

Sage could hear the thoughts churning in the young vamp’s head. Rocky knew Sage was right about his female. He also knew Sage was nothing like his father, who had disowned him rather than risk his position of power as head male of a first family. He hadn’t been sure whether his mentor considered him a friend. Sage heard the thought and shook his head. He could be rough around the edges, but he didn’t think he was that hard to read.

“I’m not a chick. I didn’t think I needed to tell you.” 

Rocky groaned at having his unspoken thoughts commented on. “You’re worse than Alex some days.” 

Today’s questions: 

Is your favorite character in most books the main character? Who’s your favorite secondary character from a book you read recently?


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