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*Note this post has some spoilers for book 1,

One of the best parts of writing (and reading) a series is when characters who are only peripheral in one book get to shine in the next. Near the end of book one it becomes clear Rocky has a feeding partner whom he had been sneaking out to see for over a year. Not so much as her name is mentioned at the time. In book two, however, this elusive female becomes an integral part of the story. It’s time readers meet Ellie, although to keep a few surprises for Unveiled this entry might seem more evasive than informative!

Elizabeth Jamison (or Ellie Reynolds in Bristol)
Born: 1982, in Portland, OR

Physical characteristics: tall, slender, red hair, green eyes, poised and graceful

Of note: Wouldn’t you like to know. *assuming my best English teacher voice* You’ll just have to read the book to find out. (That really is obnoxious, isn’t it?)

Just for fun: Ellie and Rocky’s story gets more flushed out in my current project, Unbridled, with an entire short story dedicated to how they met. A few facts that come out there are that she’s both a theater aficionado and knows how to handle a Beretta. Smart girl.

Writing Reasons:
Without giving too much away, I can say that one of my reasons for including Ellie as a key part of book two was my love for Rocky. Having his feeding partner be a driving force in the plot meant I could have more scenes with him and could further explore his personality and motivations. Ellie herself is one of those characters who, if I met her in real life, I’d respect but not want to befriend. Just as with reading, though, writing characters who aren’t necessarily likable can be entertaining.

Excerpt from Unveiled:

Rocky opened the door and held it for the beautiful young female who stood beside him. The couple were exact opposites. Rocky was stocky, olive-skinned, with hair so dark it looked black. His partner was tall and slender and fair. And, at present, a touch more confident than her nail-biting partner. Ellie’s emotions matched the air in which she entered the room, head held high, eyes forward ready to meet Darian’s, not a hint of blush in her creamy peach cheeks. She carried herself like a princess, rather than a subject about to get lambasted for hiding out for two years. Alex was impressed. But not enough to want to stay; emotions would be running high and this would not be a comfortable place for her to be.

Today’s question:
Whose your favorite character that you both respect and dislike?



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5 responses to “Elusive

  1. Writing a series is hard!


  2. Liz

    Hi! I agree, I love book series’ which have characters that appear in more than one book and that you learn more about as you go along!You haven’t turned off your ‘captcha’ as advised, you have to make out two words which is difficult, sure you’d have more comments if you can turn it off. Good luck with the rest of the challenge! Lizhttp://www.lizbrownleepoet.com


  3. Lauren's Blog

    Sorry, but I can’t actually turn off the ‘captcha’ on the version of quick blogcast that I use. 
    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment anyways, though!


  4. It depends on the series. My favorite is Lawrence Durrell’s Alexandria Quartet.


  5. Lauren's Blog

    I haven’t read that one, Dennis; I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!


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