B is for Brothers

*Note this post has some spoilers for book 1, Unforeseen*

Although both of Alex’s older brothers are dead by the beginning of book two, what happened to them plays an important part in developing Alex’s personality, as well as her drive to seek vengeance on the Vengatti.

Leviathan (Levi) Crocker
Born: in Bristol, MA, April 2, 1982, the middle of three

Died: presumably in a car crash just outside of Bristol on August 9, 1999

Physical characteristics: blond hair, blue eyes, 5’10” stringy but athletic build

Of note: Levi, named after the son of the first Seer in history, survived the crash caused by the Vengatti and was taken captive by the Vengatti who hoped to use his powers against the Rectinatti. Levi survived his gift’s maturity, but his most of his powers never developed to the point he could use them without contact. Eventually, he is able to communicate with Alex through a dream-like connection. When Alex and the Rectinatti arrive to save him, it is discovered he had lured his sister there in hopes presenting her to Leonce, the Vengatti Regan, would keep himself alive. Realizing he has been fed from beyond the point of ever recovering his conscience, Alex is forced to make the decision to have him killed. In the end, it is Ty, though, who slits Levi’s throat.

Davidian (Dave) Crocker
Born: in Bristol, MA, December 9, 1980, the oldest of three
Died: presumably in a car crash just outside of Bristol on August 9, 1999

Physical characteristics: brown hair and eyes, over 6’, broad shouldered, with his father’s straight nose and defined jaw

Of note: Dave, named after another son of the first Seer in history, also survived the crash caused by the Vengatti, but was killed moments later when he tried to fight back. He managed to mortally wound Ty’s brother, before being killed by Ty.

Writing Reasons:
I chose Dave and Levi’s names to coincide with the backstory of the first Seers, whom Alex reads about in the Rectinatti Histories. I needed this connection so that it’d be clear to Alex that her father knew what his children were, what she was, and yet chose to keep it from her. Giving her two older brothers also helped explain some of her personality—her ability to stand up to the males in the coven, how she thinks nothing of having close guy friends, her intolerance of being bossed around, and, I suppose, her penchant for cursing. As for why I chose Levi to betray her in book one, that was simple, although cruel: it’d hurt the most. Alex will need more motivation than just a good conscience or a decade old loss to continue fighting the Vengatti.

Excerpt from Unforeseen:
“I know what you are. I’ll never go with you,” Dave managed to say. Levi was proud of his brother’s resolution, but afraid he meant it.
“If you know what we are, then you know you don’t have a choice, Seer,” the second male said closing in on Dave.
In height alone the two were equal, but Levi knew his older brother’s strength was no match for the two male vampires that faced him. He struggled to pull himself off the ground, desperately wanting to help. He could see Dave’s determination, but also the physical toll his maturation was having on him. There was no way Dave could use his power in the state he was in. And Levi’s head was spinning too much to even know where to begin. He had managed to get to his hands and knees before being kicked back down with a blow to the side that cracked his ribs. His breath caught as the pain seared through his torso. The same large boot slammed onto his back pinning him to the ground. Levi felt defeated, but cried out to his brother.
“Dave—” He didn’t want to be captured, taken in by a group of creatures he knew were inherently cruel and heartless. But he was seventeen. He didn’t want to die either.
His older brother looked away from his attacker for just a moment to acknowledge Levi’s plea. There was no need to speak. Dave had sensed Levi’s fear and desperation, just as Levi had sensed Dave’s resigned determination. He knew before the flash of movement what the outcome would be.

Today’s question:
Fellow writers, how much time do you spend creating backstory for your MC’s family?
Readers, how much of that backstory do you like to know?

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