A is for Alex

As promised, my blogs for the A to Z Challenge will all surround my Alex Crocker Seer series, in preparation for the release of book two, Unveiled. So what better place to start than with the title character!

Alexandra (Alex) Crocker
Born: in Bristol, MA, August 20, 1984, to Tim and Helen Crocker. She’s the youngest of three and the only girl.

Physical characteristics: just over 5’, athletic, boyish figure, short brown layered hair

Of note: Alex is the first female Seer in recorded history. Her powers matured at twenty-five, allowing her to sense, project, and influence others’ emotions.

Just for fun: Alex likes chocolate ice cream, the Patriots, alternative rock with female vocalists, reading of all kind, and reality television. She dislikes dancing, cold weather, and authority figures, especially the tall, cocky type, who try to intimidate her.

Writing Reasons:
If I tried to explain why I made each decision I did when developing and writing Alex, we’d be here well beyond the end of April. I can, however, explain why I chose Alex’s physical descriptions. The first reason is that many of them—her height, eye and hair color, hair length—are the same as my own. I certainly wasn’t trying to write myself into the book; Alex is very different from me most days. But a five-foot female with average looks was a comfortable point of view for me to write from, and being my first novel, that was helpful. Additionally, since she finds herself in a world where both her allies and her enemies physically dominate her, I liked the idea that her vulnerability was visible, especially since I knew that she would soon end up being a lot less vulnerable than she appears.

From Unforeseen:
Alex’s own anger flared. She hated being treated like a child by others who thought their greater size and strength made them superior. Moreover, she hated hypocrisy.
“Too bad you’re not human; you’d make a great politician. You can spin anything to make yourself look rosy, can’t you?” she started. “Rocky got in my way of escaping that alley, causing me to get stabbed in the leg. Sage nearly bashed in my skull. My wounds were tended to so you could question me, because, really, you’re more interested in figuring me out than I am. Probably because I can be of some twisted use to you and your band of bloodsucking fiends. If we’re into name-calling, Regan, you’re a cocky, conniving, bullying son of a bitch.”
Darian let out a snarl that had Alex’s hair standing up, but she would be damned if she would back down. Her own anger, mixed with what she sensed of his, surged through her.
She somehow managed to get to her feet and spit at him, “Flash your fangs at someone who cares!”

From Unveiled:
In the weeks since, she had regularly ignored this instruction, blasting her playlists packed with the anthems of emos everywhere, in a vain attempt to numb her growing sense. None of her housemates said anything to stop her. They were ever-supportive as she tried to adjust to her gift. Their ignoring the signs that she was slowly falling apart and her pretending she was holding it all together was just part of the dance they shared on a nightly basis now. Sarah’s turning to Darian with her concern over her weight loss had been the first sign that the dance was coming to an end. Looking across the bedroom to the mirror that hung above the cherry dresser, Alex admitted it was a miracle it had lasted this long. She flinched at her own reflection. Her face was as pale as it would be mid-January, despite being only a few weeks into September. The red-violet under-eye circles stood out sharply against the pallid complexion. She looked away.

Today’s question:
Do you prefer to have your characters’ physical appearances well-described in the books you read or just those features which are important?


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2 responses to “A is for Alex

  1. I would have to think that many authors begin writing with charascters that resemble them in some way. Being a short girl myself, I always identify with them 🙂 I don’t mind a detailed description in a book as long as it isn’t repeated more than a few times. I;m reading a book now that mentions a character’s red hair every scene she’s in and it’s driving me crazy!


  2. Lauren's Blog

    That drives me nuts too, Stacy, especially if the author doesn’t even vary his/her word choice!


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