A Few Updates (Or excuses for why I haven’t blogged recently)





With book two due out
soon, one might think I’d be a blogging fool, updating daily with new and
exciting announcements, or at least weekly to check in with readers. I haven’t.
Here are a few things I’ve been busy with instead:

This week I’ve been on a
killing spree. Yup, you read that right. I’ve been ‘killing my darlings’ as
they say, which means I’ve been cutting extraneous scenes from my book. Of
course to the writer, who loves her characters, their backstory, and their fun
side-adventures, nothing seems extraneous. To the reader though, who wants a
little more plot in her books, the scenes might have seemed unnecessary. So
sadly I trimmed nearly fifty pages from the manuscript. Fingers crossed that it
was enough; I’d hate to slaughter too many more of my babies! (For those of you
who love boundless backstory and character-driven scenes, I’ll stick a few of
my more beloved victims on the Extras page of my website soon!)


Two weeks ago I attended a
one-day self-publishing workshop on Cape Cod run by the Cape Cod Writers
Center. It was an interesting look at the self-publishing business, but focused
more on companies that help writers self-publish than how to do it oneself,
which was what I was hoping to learn. That said, I always love learning about
new aspects of writing and publishing and mingling with other writers, so it
was well worth the trip.


If you’re wondering why I’m
interested in self-publishing when I’m already working with a
publisher for my current series, the answer is another reason why the blog’s
been quiet lately. I’m working on a new project, Unbridled
, which is a novella comprised of four connected
short stories from the Alex Crocker series, all focusing on my female
characters. Unlike my novels, where the romance is more a sub plot, these
stories are all about the ladies and their lovers. For those of you who told me
to kick up the steam factor, I listened. For my mother, aunts, and anyone else
easily shocked by my more saucy side, I apologize. (Okay, actually, I don’t, but it seemed polite to say.)

The reason I want to
self-publish this one is because I’d like to donate a large chunk of the
proceeds (of which there will be millions, no doubt) to women’s charities. The
over-arching story in this collection focuses on females who were victimized by
the baddies in Alex’s world, but I make it clear that none of these characters
are merely victims. I like strong heroines in fiction, as well as in life.
Around the time I was finishing the first draft of this project, my mother had
just been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. If ever there was a
compelling reason to honor women who bravely fight all of life’s battles, this
was it. Luckily, Mom is kicking cancer’s ass all over again and doing it with a
sense of humor (epitomized by her “Save Second Base” t-shirt!). Unfortunately,
though, everyday more women have to join Alex as warriors to fight their own battles. It seems right and fitting that I help other women in some way through my writing.

My aim is to finish and
publish this before heading back to school next fall. I’ll share more as I continue to work on it, but in the meantime I’m open to help. Any
beta-readers (to give feedback), grammar geeks (to copy edit), and graphic
designers (for cover art) interested in donating a little time would be greatly
appreciated! I’d also love suggestions for the best charities that support
women’s issues. I’ll likely narrow it down to two or three and split the
donations between them.

(This was just me having fun; the photos aren’t mine, so it won’t be the final cover!)


Aside from that I’ve been booking promotions for the release of Unveiled, writing guest posts, and sharing writing advice on some indie writer sites. Not bad for someone with a full-time job!

·      New Pinterest page for my writing

·      Article on Indie Writer’s Guide: “Go Local: Putting Press Releases to Work in Book Promoting

·      Guest post at Book Chick City: Writing a Novel in Five Easy Gut-wrenching Time-consuming Steps

So, really, I haven’t just been twiddling my thumbs avoiding updating the blog. In fact, I have the next month’s topics all planned out, but for that you’ll need to wait until next week.

Until then Happy Easter! I’m off to play vampire on a few Cadbury cream eggs. (I vant to suck their filling. Yum!)


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