Do-over? Yessss, please.



Silence. Nothingness. A
sucking void.

No, it’s not what happens
after I make yet another lame attempt to be funny in front of my too-cool
preteens. (Okay, it is what happens, but it’s not today’s topic.) It’s a
description of what has become of my blog since the new year began. I could
tell you it’s because I made a conscious decision to stop blogging so that I’d
have more time to spend on my other writing. I could tell you I’ve finally
begun that YA book I’ve been plotting in my head for three months. I could tell
you it’s because I’ve been so into my new exercise and diet routine that I
haven’t had a non-squatting or sit-upping moment to spare. I could tell you I
was busy doing some…um…thing much more exciting. I’d be lying or, in
that last case, fantasizing.

Reality is that the new year
didn’t get off to a bang. Heck, the old year didn’t even end on a bang, though
I bluffed my way through twelve rather chipper holiday blogs in hopes of
fooling a few people, including myself. So I wasn’t sure how to start blogging
again. The “Happy New Year and all the promise it holds” blog would have rung a
bit shallow knowing the battles some of the people closest to me would be
facing this year. But how do you follow up twelve Christmas blogs and ignore
New Years? The easiest answer is you don’t.

So, I didn’t. I didn’t
blog. I didn’t really even write. I edited and revised, but recreating is an
entirely different ballgame from creating. Creating takes a special kind of mental alertness. It
requires the ability to push everything else out of your thoughts to allow new
ideas, scenes, and characters to creep in. Stress devours mental alertness like
a New Year’s dieter fresh off the wagon devours carbs. Even if, in the last
month, I had managed to wipe my mind of the mundane, nothing good would have
filled that void. It was much healthier to get caught up on correcting,
meticulously work my way through my DVR’s queue, and read a few thousand pages
of a romance series. (I’m verra

pleased Mrs. Gabaldon never learned to worry about word count.)

That said, there’s a time
to ignore reality, a time to curse at reality, and a time to face reality. It’s
officially time to pull up my big girl panties, hide the television remote and
Kindle, and deal. Unfortunately, I can’t change how the New Year started, nor
can I completely control what the rest of the year will bring. I can’t stop
worrying or sympathizing, either. I can, however, have a do-over in how I deal
it, thanks to that slithering reptile that usually send shivers down my spine.
Today, as the Chinese ring in a New Year, I’m thanking the snake for a chance
to start fresh, not just with the blog, but with my outlook for 2013.

Every year, every day,
every moment comes with the potential for stress, or sickness, or any other
number of disasters. It also comes with promise for all the best things in
life: new love, new family, new friendships, and new lessons learned from both
the sweet and sour experiences we’ll face. So I’m shedding the skin of the last
few months and parading that promise with as much pomp as I can muster in the
aftermath of a blizzard. (Wine and Triscuits will have to do until the plowers at my condo figure out where to put all of nature’s finest.)

So raise a glass to the snake. It’s not often life hands
us a do over; when it does, sss-seize the opportunity!


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