The Last Blog of Christmas: Merry Christmas To All, and To All a Goodnight!



For my subscribers, you’re inbox is about to become lighter. I’ve met my goal of twelve holiday blogs. I even accomplished it in twelve days this year (yes, I cheated by posting four today, but who’s checking?). 

Though some of my
topics were silly and I often wrote tongue in cheek about holiday topics, I
hope they provided some holiday cheer and that it’s clear I actually love the
holidays. Nothing is more special to me than spending time with my family and
friends, and the holidays provide us the perfect excuse to pause our hectic
lives to carve out time for such visits. Sure, it seems like we’re only adding
to the chaos with parties to plan, presents to purchase, and dinners to attend,
but those are just the tangible things around which we gather. I hope for all
of you that sometime today you had or will have a moment to sit back and
reflect on the real reasons we love the holidays. I, for one, am surrounded by
them: I’m writing this by the fire, with a cat on my lap, and my parents and
grandmother in various states of dozing. We may not be picturesque, but to me,
we’re the perfect picture of the Christmas spirit.

Hoping your Christmases
were as wonderful and wishing you a very happy new year!



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