The 4th Blog of Christmas: Fashion Phenomena



The humorless boss who
crosses his legs at the last meeting before the holidays only to reveal brightly-colored Santa socks beneath his three-piece suit. The old marm school teacher,
who truly doesn’t smile before Christmas, but shows up to teach the day before
vacation wearing jingle bell earrings. The grumpy gruff uncle who growls 364
days a year, but attends the family holiday party wearing the brightest of
red sweaters.

There’s something about
the holidays that eliminates our fashion inhibitions and allows even the most
conservative or style conscious among us to don baubled socks, tacky sweaters,
singing ties, light-up jewelry, or silly hats. Perhaps it’s the little kid in
each of us, just squirming to get out, or the desire for anything that
brightens the darkest days of the year. Perhaps we’ve all just had too much nog
or have killed our brain cells with the chemicals from our pine-scented
candles. I could care less what causes the phenomena; I just love the excuse to
dress silly and to smile. And there’s no way you can look at a grown man with a
flashing, music-playing tie, or a grown woman with an elf hat, ears included
and not smile. So go on, crack a grin.


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