The 2nd (to last) Blog of Christmas: A Click Away for Christmas



“I’ll be Home for
Christmas” was always one of those Christmas songs that made me sad. Imagine
being half a world away from family or friends for the holidays, not getting to
see the faces of the ones you loved. Except on Skype, or using Facetime, or
texting pictures and notes back and forth all morning. Okay, clearly the
lyricist for that song didn’t foresee modern technology.

I’m sure that virtual
visits are not the same as being able to actually spend time with family, but
with today’s apps and gadgets, the pain of distance is certainly diminished.
Though most of these apps and social media sites have been around for years,
they were never so much a part of my life until recenlty. Having to use them to
market my writing, I became more comfortable using them. Okay, I’ve become
slightly addicted to them. Two years ago I thought blogging, status updating, and
tweeting were for self-centered celebrities. Now with three lovely nieces and
dozens of family and friends spread out over the country, I couldn’t imagine
going weeks, months, or even years without seeing everyone’s pictures and
reading their updates.

In one wonderful Christmas
morning I chatted with friends on texts, saw one of my nieces opening my
present to her in a quick phone photo, read a comment on my own post from a
cousin-in-law in Germany who I’ve never met in the ‘real-world,’ and got to coo
over the adorable Christmas dress of another niece, all without ever getting
dressed. I may not have a reindeer powered sled that can zoom me from house to
house in under twenty-four hours, but I don’t need one. I have Facebook and a
smart phone. Take that St. Nick!


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