12 Blogs of Christmas*






Don’t panic, but there are
only twelve days left until Christmas. (That’s counting today, but not
Christmas. After eleven years of battling countdowns on my white boards, I’ve
learned to specify.) That’s a dozen days to complete a to-do list longer than a
kid’s Christmas list the day after the Toys R Us catalogue arrived. Okay, panic
just a little.

Last year at this time I
was in a mad rush to assure I ended my first year of blogging successfully.
Since I had set out the prior January to create weekly posts, that meant
reaching a full fifty-two articles. So I wisely added a dozen blog posts to
my to-do list. I didn’t complete them gracefully, but I completed them–just
hours before the ball dropped. Thus the Twelve Blogs of Christmas began.

This year, I’ve actually
already written close to fifty-two posts. Sure, I kept no schedule. I had some
weeks with four posts, some months with only two. Sometimes I wrote lengthy
pieces that no one but my mother read in their entirety. Other posts were
mini-updates. Still others were guest posts in blog swaps in which I sent you
hopping all over the web to find my articles. I became hyperlink happy and
photo savvy. Yet, I still feel the pull of a holiday themed end to the year. So
once again I’ll attempt to pound out a round dozen blogs between now and New
Year’s. I make no promises that they’ll be posted on a daily basis. I’ve
learned I only break such promises. But as I proved last year, I’m stubborn
when it comes to some goals (weight loss and money managing not included), so
you will get twelve blogs of some shape, size, and form.

Brace yourselves. Pour
some nog. And enjoy!

*I do know that the twelve days of Christmas don’t start until
Christmas and end on the eve of the Epiphany. I do not
need to be told this every year.
These are blogs, not religious lessons. Very little consideration is given to
their accuracy, so long as they are amusing, sappy, or entertaining! 


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One response to “12 Blogs of Christmas*

  1. I think it’s a wonderful tradition, Lauren, and I look forward to the 12 Blogs of Christmas!


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