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Next Big Thing: Authors Tagging Authors!

So almost two full weeks
ago, I was kindly tagged by Caron
for the Next Big Thing: Authors Tagging Authors. Apparently, I’m
still as bad at tag as I was as a chubby six-year-old in our neighborhood
games, because I’m just getting around to tagging others now! Lucky for me,
whose legs haven’t grown much since age six, this game requires no running,
just answering a few questions about my newest project, Unveiled
, which should be back with the publisher early in
the new year after some more revisions!

What is the working
title of your book?

The second book in my
series is Unveiled
. It
definitely works for the plot of book two in which much more about Alex, her
gift, and her family is revealed. I also liked sticking with a theme to the
titles, like Charlaine Harris’s Sookie books which all use dead somewhere, I’m
sticking with the ‘un-’ thing, at least for now.

Where did the idea come
from for the book?

Well, being a sequel, I
guess I could say book one,
Unforeseen, but that’d be a bit of a cop out. I definitely knew there’d be a
second book as soon as I started the first book. I intended to leave Alex off
just after her powers matured, so I knew dealing with her power would be a
major part of book two. The rest of the story, though, definitely came from my
love of backstory. I wanted to explore Rocky’s character more. From the
feedback I’ve gotten, readers will enjoy that. I also knew if I was going to
continue to have the romantic subplots, I needed to explore other relationships
and develop more of Alex and Markus’s. From there it just sort shook out

What genre does your
book fall under?

It’s urban fantasy with a
paranormal romance subplot. What I discovered I after I wrote book one and
tried to explain this to my family and friends, though, is that anyone who
doesn’t read these genres has no idea what I’m talking about when I say this.
So here’s a little help.

Urban fantasy is fantasy
in contemporary times and real-life settings, often cities, but not always. (The
Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood

series is set mostly in a small town in Louisiana but is still urban fantasy.)
The main character in an urban fantasy tends to be a human, albeit often with
some power, who encounters fantastical creatures living in her world, sometimes
hidden, sometimes not.

Paranormal romance is also
mostly just what it sounds like. It’s a romance between two characters, one of
more of which is a fantastical creature: vampire, shape-shifter, werewolf,
ghost, etc.

Which actors would you
choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

This question was hard for
me, since I am notorious for not knowing the names of any actors, even from the
shows and movies I love.  But I did
my homework, with the assistance of IMDb, and can now proudly answer this!

Some of these I chose
based primarily on looks, and yes, I think it’s obvious I just want there to be
eye-candy and lots of it!

Alex: Obviously no one fits the Alex in my head
perfectly, by Renée Felice Smith, from NCIS Los Angeles comes close; she’s
tiny, tough, and smart.


Markus: Another character who would be impossible to cast
perfectly, but Jensen Ackles, from Supernatural is an okay fit.


Sage: Alexander Skarsgård, of True Blood fame; he’s got
the look and the attitude for it!

Rocky: Not sure on this one, but possibly Kellan Lutz,
he’s got the build and the sweetness needed.

Darian: Jay Ryan, from CW’s Beauty and the Beast. (Can
anyone tell I base my television viewing on hot men?)

Sarah: Sarah Jane Morris, also from NCIS.


You’re It! The authors I
have tagged, who are hopefully better at this than I am:

K. A. Krisko, author of the Stolen World

Jamie B. Musing, author of The
Life and Times of No One in Particular

Eva Reider, author of Kyresa and numerous
short fiction pieces

Kelly Johnson, a fellow fantasy
writer from Backspace and frequent quest blogger here!

Micheal Baron, a fellow
fantasy writer from Backspace


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