Just Bumping Along This Weekend

writing a record four blogs in three days last week, I hope no one minds if I
give myself a little break this weekend. Besides, I can share one of those
blogs with you now that it has been posted on the site I was guest-posting for.
I also have a short review to share.

I took part in Things That Go Bump in the Night over on Kimba’s Caffeinated Book
Blog. My guest post is one-part writing lesson for fantasy writers and one-part
response to the uninformed (and often snotty) people who hear witch, werewolf,
or vampire book and assume ‘knock off.’ Whether you’re a writer, fantasy
reader, or just interested in how I could possibly want to read and write
“another vampire book,” I think you’ll enjoy this
one. And for those
who haven’t read Unforeseen
, be sure to enter the raffle for a free digital copy!

Remystifying the Mythology Behind Our Favorite Fantasy Creatures by Lauren Grimley 



there’s an entire site dedicated to such books (actually, quite a few sites),
which just proves the point of my guest-post from above. 
The reviewer was spot
on when she guessed that I’d been influenced by The Black Dagger Brotherhood
. Now if only J.R.
Ward could help me with the love-making scenes…

I’m using my extra time to write (okay, and I suppose to correct
a few papers). I hope your weekends will be as enjoyable!


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