Clearing the Fog

This week’s blog is just a quick update. With all the confusion and chaos of last week’s ever-changing paperback release dates, I figured I’d clear everything up and let you know what you might have missed.

First, Unforeseen was released as a paperback on Amazon, last Friday. Finally getting my hands on a copy despite a little incident with my town’s post office, I can tell you it feels awesome to hold a ‘real’ book with my name on the cover in my hands (even if it did mean stealing a copy from my mother after nearly going postal on the poor employees at my local USPS branch!). It’s been a long time coming, but to stick my own novel right beside my three dozen other vampire books was worth it.

Second, Freaky Fridays should resume this week with a post from a fellow writer and warrior extraordinaire. I’ll wait and let her explain that, but I can almost guarantee that it’ll be both humorous and moving.

Until then here are a few options to keep you occupied:

  • A short interview on Fade Into Fantasy, a fantasy book review site worth checking out
  • Unknown, the short from my series which is free today (Monday) on Amazon for anyone wanting a little taste of Alex and the Bristol Vampires

Enjoy the week!


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