Freaky Friday, week 2: Sweet Insanity



Release day for Unforeseen! My vamps are flashing their fangs in paperback glory today, while I’m celebrating another Freaky Friday.

With the full moon upon us and lunatics popping up in every corner (or email, in my case), Jamie B. Musings is here make our heads spin even more. Jamie is writing about a blast from our pasts, the craziest moments in a book series many of us grew up reading. Enjoy!

Insanity at Sweet Valley High

Anyone who has followed my blog and read my social networks
knows that I am really into Sweet Valley High. It was one of my favorite book
series as a kid/teen. I’ll stop here a sec to let anyone who doesn’t know much
about it to pop on over to Wiki if they’d like to get a rundown. Ready? Great! 

I think the craziest plot ever to come out of a series
filled with crazy ones came around book #95: The jungle prom and evil twin
saga. What isn’t to love about it? Here are my five most insane (even for Sweet
Valley) moments:

1) Jessica spiking Elizabeth’s punch and then letting her
take the fall when things go horribly wrong. Okay, anyone who read the series
knows Jessica has some sociopathic tendencies, but still! How much lower can
you get than letting your own sister go down for something so horrible when you
were the one who did it?

2) Mr. and Mrs. Fowler get back together. Why on earth would
someone want to remarry the same guy who basically sent you packing and kept
you from your child for most of her life because you didn’t want to stay
married? Are all the parents in Sweet Valley on drugs? Something has to cause
that bad judgment, right?

3) Margo wanting to be Liz. I mean, really? Why on earth
would you want to be the prim and proper twin when your personality is more
along Jessica’s lines? Like people aren’t going to notice the change in attitude?

4) Margo just happens to look exactly like the twins. Of
course, she does! This series was basically the kid’s version of a daytime
soap. It actually makes sense in a world where one set of twins constantly
manages to get themselves targeted by killers on a regular basis, your mother
almost married the parent of one of your classmates and some strange woman who
has never actually met you can fool your own parent into thinking they’re you.

5) Finally… Ned and Alice are totally insane to not have
seen through Margo’s trick “business trip” much, much sooner than they did.

Blogger Bio:

Jamie B. Musings is a music addict, book lover, pet servant
& NaNoWriMo survivor. When she’s not busy writing posts for CultureShock,
she’s taking pictures for her new obsession (That Photo Blog) and spending time
with her husband and pets. Her first book, The Life and Times of No One in Particular was released in May 2012. She’s also an avid tweeter, new pintrest
convert and live posts shows and other things on Facebook.


Thanks, Jamie! Anyone else have a Sweet
memory? I’m pretty sure I read some of the Sweet Valley Twins series
first, since the SVH books were ‘too mature’.

Well, while Jamie’s been
tempting us to return to the books from our past, I’ve been over on her site
previewing the fantasy shows and movies returning to the screen this fall, in
hopes of recruiting a few more fans of cheesy, but fun fantasy. 

Happy Friday
and be sure to howl at the moon for me tomorrow night!



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2 responses to “Freaky Friday, week 2: Sweet Insanity

  1. I remember absolutely loving the Sweet Valley Twins books about the girls and their friends babysitting at a house with “dream monster” Eva Sullivan (97-100). I was probably eleven, staying up way past when my parents thought I was sleeping, armed with a flashlight, and completely scaring the hell out of myself. =) It was fantastic.


  2. Lauren's Blog

    Oh, now that you just wrote that, I vaguely remember these ones too!


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