First Friday: Loony Lists

As many of you know, Unforeseen, my debut novel (currently an e-book) is being released in paperback on September 28th. This happens to be the Friday before the full moon. As a fantasy writer, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use that to my advantage, so I’ve put together a blog tour for Fridays this fall.

theme: Freaky Fri
days. The posts: Well, basically anything goes, so long as it
relates a little to the idea of lunacy, full moons, characters/people acting
oddly, odd characters/people, etc.

Like last
time, I’ll post a blog on my site by a different writer each week, as well as a
link to a post I’ve written for my guest’s blog or website. So for my readers,
it’s double the freaky fun every Friday (for as long as I can twist people’s
arms into swapping!).

This week
I’m swapping with writer Kelly Johnson, the woman who earlier this summer had
me sharing my guilty pleasures with the world. Today she’s talking about a
topic near and dear to my odd heart: lunacy. Meanwhile, I’m griping about all
the things that drive me loony over on her blog, My Countless Lives. I think
you’ll enjoy the pairing!



Lunacy is the new

Though, technically, I
think it was the old normal, too. So, to revise (as we writers are wont to do):
Lunacy is normal.

All right, hold on. I’ve
gotten ahead of myself, so let’s rewind for a second and do this properly.

Hello everyone!

I’m very excited to be
hanging out over here with you today. Particularly since Lauren suggested
writing about lunacy – one of my very favorite topics. 

You see, I’m a little
crazy, but in a totally normal sort of way. Here are just a very few examples:

I talk to myself.
Frequently. All
the time, really. Occasionally, I manage to do so silently. But more often than
not my internal monologue isn’t all that internal. Taking this even further, I
don’t really trust people who say they don’t talk to themselves. If not even
you find yourself interesting enough to talk to, why should I?

I talk to fictional characters.

All. The. Time. Whether they be from books, movies, television or select songs,
I’m holding conversations. Now if I’m actually in a theater, I keep quiet. I
don’t want to be the person interrupting others’ conversation with themselves.
I’m not a jerk, you know. But in the comfort of my own home/car/friend’s house?
I’m gonna be chatty. Or yelling. Generally, if someone fictional has prompted
me to engage, it’s because they’re doing something I don’t think they should be
doing. It’s actually why I started writing. To get them to engage with me. And
guess what? They still do things I don’t think they should be doing.

I wave to the moon.
Full, waxing,
waning, or otherwise, if I can see the moon, I’m probably going to give it a
quick salute. This started when I was in college. When I’d get homesick, I’d
call my mother and she’d remind me that as long as we were looking at the same
moon, we couldn’t really be that far away from each other. So, now I wave to
the moon and that wave bounces off its luminescence and makes its way to my
parents. True story.

I dance in the office bathroom.
days, you just have to dance it out. There are just no other options. You all
know what I’m talking about. Particularly you, person shaking your head. So, I
wait until there’s no one else in the bathroom and give myself a one to two
minute dance break. Then I return to my desk and act like a grown-up. (Whatever
that means.)

I could go on for billions
and billions of words describing my personal lunacy (the Roomie would also like
to place the fact that I almost always read books in one sitting in contention
for the “reasons I’m loony” list).

And you know what? If you
met me, you’d probably think that I was pretty normal, if maybe a little geeky.
(Lauren, care to vouch for that?) You know why? Because you’re crazy too. Crazy
enough that I seem normal. Don’t worry. You can admit it here (and I ask that
you do so that I’m not all by my lonesome). You already know that I’m crazy
enough to make you seem normal. Because, to circle back, lunacy was, and
continues to be, normal.

We’re all nuts. It’s one
of the few absolutes I really believe in.

It was great being here
today! If my particular brand of crazy appeals to you, please come visit me
over at My Countless Lives. And
enjoy the rest of your Freaky Fridays!

A big
thanks to Kelly for being the first brave guest! And, yes, I will vouch for the fact that Kelly appears normal, more normal even than many other writers at these conferences. I might not have even gotten the geeky vibe, except that we met in the sci-fi/fantasy group, which tends to enshroud its members with an ‘unusual’ aura that keeps the other ‘kids’ from wanting to play with us. Definitely their loss!

Next week is full of musings:
I’ll be hosting Jamie B. Musing and will be visiting both her site and the book
blog Melissa’s Midnight Musings. In the meantime, I’m still looking for a few
more courageous (or freaky) souls to join the party; shoot me an email if
you’re interested.


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