(Over-)Sharing is Caring



For someone whose friends had to create her Facebook page
because she was too afraid to bare her mundane life to the world, particularly
to her twelve-year-old tech-savvy students, I’ve come a long way. In the last
year I’ve blogged about my hideous dating life, tweeted my love for the newest
erotica trilogy, and confessed my soft spot for bad boys in an article for a
literary magazine. With little left to hide from the world, I was only too
happy to respond to fellow writer Kelly Johnson’s request to share my guilty pleasures on her blog.

Kelly and I met in NYC at the Backspace Writer’s Conference
when I basically invited myself to lunch with her to avoid eating alone or with
some of the more outwardly eccentric attendees. Like me, Kelly writes urban
fantasy, and having had a chance to read her work, I can say confidently she’ll
soon be published. While you’re checking out my post, be sure to read the post of Kelly’s which inspired it. Then poke around the blog to read a bit more of Kelly’s writing;
you’ll be glad you did!

Here’s a little introduction she provided:

Hi! I’m Kelly Johnson, self-assessed story addict.

I love stories, be they epic or mundane. Regardless of form,
I like to soak in them until my fingers get all pruney and then rinse and
repeat. So, I read, write, watch, listen and occasionally try my hand at
artwork (almost always with disastrous consequences) to celebrate the story.
Along with my roomie, I cohabitate with two lady turtles, Willow, who has some
rage issues, and Xander, who was diagnosed with mild PTSD due to an unfortunate
run in with a plastic pirate ship. And I like cheese and raspberry cordials.
But not together.


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