Interview With the Voices in My Head

Instead of blogging this weekend, I was enjoying time with my family and all the best the Cape has to offer, sipping Magarita’s outside and licking raspberry Oreo ice-cream off my fingers. Meanwhile my main character Alex Crocker was doing some book promotion by giving an interview to reviewer and book blogger Laurie, at Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews.

My book club is now contemplating beating me senseless with our next book selection for breaking my promise not to act like my characters have a mind of their own, but I have their attention. As a big fan of character interviews, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try one myself. Being the first time I’ve attempted this, I’m sure it’s a little rocky in places, but it was fun to write. Moreover, it was a great writing exercise. Writing in first person, trying to capture the character’s voice in such a short span of time, and trying to hint at the events of the book without giving too much away were all challenges. Making it even trickier was the fact that I was in the mind-set for book two, yet trying to promote book one. Hopefully, the Alex answering these questions is a nice combination of her character at the end of Unforeseen and the beginning of Unveiled

So whether you’ve read the first book or not, this ought to give you a taste of Alex and the books in general. Enjoy and thanks again to Laurie for the opportunity!

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