Click On, Click On the Magical Mystery Tour: Blog Swapping



2012 the internet may be a magical mystery to only a small minority of my
readers (mentioning no names, Mom), but it’s still pretty amazing that through
online forums and social media we can connect with writers and readers across
the country or the globe.  Virtual
book tours are becoming the norm for most writers since they are cheap,
relatively easy, and hopefully interesting for all involved.

for the month of May I’m taking my show on the road.  In order to help promote Unforeseen by introducing myself and my writing to new readers,
I’ve arranged a series of blog swaps with fellow writers.  This means other contributors will be
posting some fun and informative articles here, and I’ll be posting my articles
on their sites.  The beauty of this
is that both my readers and I get to tour other sites from writers all over the
country, without dishing out the money required for airline tickets or taking
in the illegal substances associated with trippy buss tours.  Meanwhile, other writers will do the
work of maintaining my weekly blog post–something I’ve failed miserably at this
year.  Okay, so I still have to
write a post each week, but having a hard and fast deadline for someone other
than myself has helped.  And,
technically, you’re getting a two-for-one deal every week, something that in
the state of Massachusetts isn’t legal with booze, but has yet to be banned for
blogs. So after imbibing in some excellent new writers here each Wednesday, blog
hop your way to a new site to check out my post (I’ll provide the links each
week).  Read up!


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