Embracing My Inner-Kardashian

2011: The Year of Embracing My Inner-Kardashian 

            As someone who has seen herself as a writer ever since her mother put a fancy cloth cover on her first three-sentence book, this probably seems like a logical outlet.  But, a year ago, if you told me I’d be blogging my way into the New Year, I would have laughed–-at you, not with you.  It’s not that I was anti-blog; I love keeping up to date on the lives of my favorite authors or reading about the best butt-butter for female cyclists (yes, it exists; no, I haven’t been brave enough to try it).  Blogs are great entertainment and great resources–-that is, if the blogger is funny or has a wealth of knowledge about a particular subject.  What turned me off about blogging was the idea of a bunch of average joes rambling about their kids, their work, their spouses, in a public forum, assuming that the rest of us would care enough to want to read about them.  With all the other time-sucking activities online, it’s a miracle people can keep up with the important news of the day.  You know, news about truly influential people, like world leaders the average citizen can’t name, grossly overpaid athletes we idolize, and, of course, the Kardashians.

            I’ll gladly jump on the bandwagon of critics who disdainfully scorn the American audiences who made an obnoxious family obscenely popular for doing little, other than airing their expensive, skanky dirty laundry on national television.  But the truth of the matter is, there’s part of me that admires the Kardashians. Clearly they have an abundance of confidence to ever have thought the world would care enough about them and their lives to tune in weekly.  And though I’m relatively sure, without ever watching a full episode, that the world could do without their ‘wealth of knowledge’, a large number of people find them entertaining.  So more power to them.  And more power to the rest of us.  For all of us hoping to capture an audience, for whatever passion we want to pursue, these do-little celebrities have paved the way.  The Kardashians have just given us all a reason to status-update, tweet, and blog our hearts out.  If millions of viewers each week are eager to waste an hour on the Kardashians, who’s to say a few dozen won’t want to read the ramblings of an aspiring author.  So thank you Kim, and the rest of the crew, for giving me the guts to put myself out there this year.  Maybe next year I’ll be brave enough to try the butt-butter.


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